It is always interesting talking kilns with others! The kiln in the photo is in Lincolnshire and would appear to be a continuous kiln very similar to ours – the chambers are all connected to each other and they seem to connect to the chimney. But….these eight chambers are all in a line! How did it work? Our kiln moved the fire around in a continuous circle going from chamber to chamber. To do this the chambers were all linked to each other like a necklace. The fire could then travel from chamber to chamber for as long as you wanted it to. We believe our kiln burnt continuously for over 80 years.

We have searched our texts and can’t find another kiln where there are eight chambers in a line. What would be the point of linking them if they don’t make a circuit?? Puzzling – if anyone out there knows the answer please get in touch. There are at least two groups who would like to know!


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