Why are we special?


Restored pug-mill

As I sit at the front desk shivering slightly despite the bright sunshine outside I wonder what it is about the Brickworks that makes it so special. It is, undeniably, wonderful. Is it the bricks and mortar? Well obviously I have to say yes, we’re a former brick yard and brick museum after all! The building is beautiful, in its ‘shouldn’t really still be standing’, slightly haphazard kind of way. The way railway track was used to make the first floor, the red of the brick, brown of the wood and white of the lime wash. The machinery that makes you gasp in awe and the steam engine that makes you think ‘they knew how to build things to last’. The smell of the steam engine when its running is glorious, less so is the damp and dust of the collections store, but nonetheless I like it as it helps me feel present as I search for a brick. History seeps out of every wall, each cog, gear and brick mould.

Installing the horse-powered pug mill
The kit we take to outside shows

But its the people that bring the Brickworks to life. The volunteers, my volunteers, never cease to amaze me. Their enthusiasm, passion, commitment, knowledge and skills make me smile every day. Without them there would be no Brickworks. We would lose this special place. So this is a thank you, to all our wonderful volunteers.

To the brick makers, cake bakers, Facebookers, weed pullers, tinkerers, steamies and welcoming faces. And a thank you to our visitors, your joy and positive feedback mean so much to us all. Please spread the word, and give some thought to making the cross-over from keen visitor to essential staff, we really do need you.

One page of our visitor book

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