Costumed Interpretation

Early this year we received a grant to help us with costumed interpretation. We aim to hold regular working days next year where we make bricks and get some of the old machinery working. In order to do this we intend to be in the appropriate costumes.
As none of us had any idea what to do we employed a lovely consultant who came for two days and gave us lots of ideas. She quickly had us dressing up and role playing – even those who thought they would never do playacting.
Now we are researching ideas as to the costumes and periods we wish to cover. We also need to decide whether we do the immersive type of costumed interpretation or more illustrative. The immersive style means you don’t come out of costume – whilst you are wearing the clothes that is who you are. This can get awkward when visitors want to engage so we will probably adopt a less formal approach.
To date we have an early 19th century hand brick moulder (woman) making bricks using the hand making bench. A 19th century farm labourer making tiles using one of the old stupids. These were simple extruding machines that were originally designed for small scale production. Mr Ashby (the original owner) is going to be on front desk greeting people and then Edwardian workers will be operating the machinery in the main machine room. Finally, we will have one of the labourers wives in with the room displays.
Really looking forward to our two trial days this year. They are due to be held late August early September. More details will be on the website soon.

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