Draped or extruded? We have both!

Land drains. We have quite a few as it happens. Personally I have always held a secret interest in these hollow lengths of clay. They were so important to enable us to grow enough food to feed a rapidly increasing population but maybe we don’t celebrate them enough. Anyhow, following a recent Facebook post showing just a small selection of our land drain goodies, I have been asked to share further photos of our collection. In particular here is an example of an early land drain made from a rectangle of clay placed over a wooden former (BB2014.1.739). This horse-shoe shaped drain would have been stood on a flat tile. There is an example of an extruded land drain with a cross-section of horse-shoe/arch (2015.34) and also an example of a collar (2017.6.16). The museum also has a selection of tools used to create the ditches in which the land drains were placed but that will have to wait for another day. Or better still, come on down to the museum and see them for yourself.

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