Projects continued!

The winter projects are slowly progressing but the pressure is on now to get it all finished before 24th March when we open again. The cafe kitchen is still in pieces but the end is in site and it is going to be an exciting change. The volunteers – especially the Trust – are looking forward to real coffee for their meetings.

Meanwhile we have been undertaking training in costumed interpretation. The aim is to set up working days at the museum showing how some of our brickmaking machinery worked. We will wear the costumes that suit the date of the machinery ranging from 18th century hand brickmaking to Edwardian machine made bricks. It is going to be challenging getting the costumes right. There is little information as to what people wore when doing mundane tasks.

Finally, our New Foundations Project has properly begun. We were awarded a round 1 pass by the National Lottery Heritage Fund which is brilliant news. Architects have been appointed and we are busy getting the whole project moving. This is an ambitious one for the museum but if we can get it to work it will create a truly sustainable future.

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