That’s my Grandad!

Last week a lady and her husband visited us, all the way from Australia. That in itself is exciting! But then she told us that her Grandfather was in one of our football team photographs. We had a good chat, and exchanged details about the individual and other men in the photographs. I was able to add some extra information to our, unfortunately, rather limited records of ex-workers. I am hopeful that we’ll be in contact again, by email, and that her knowledge of family history will help with a World War One research project that we have in the pipeline. Piecing together the story of the Brickworks and the lives of the many workers and their families is one of the most enjoyable parts of working at the museum. If you recognise anyone in our historic photographs, or have information on a person who once worked here please do get in touch. We would love to add your stories to our archive.

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